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The Summit is organised by Intuition Communication, publishers of Private Healthcare UK.

We also organise the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit, a high level event aimed at senior decision makers involved in the medical tourism and international patient market and the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement in the medical travel, medical tourism and health tourism industry worldwide.

About Private Healthcare UK

Private Healthcare UK has been operating as an online portal for people actively seeking services from private healthcare providers in the UK since 1997. Due to its long history and extensive inbound links, Private Healthcare UK has a very high “organic” ranking on all of the major search engines and commands strong positions for healthcare related searches.


The site has an established reputation within the private healthcare industry and with online media agencies who regard the site as a valuable resource. Patients can enquire on the site about treatments and services – these enquiries are passed on to service providers who participate in the lead generation service.

About Intuition

Intuition Communication provides online media, intelligence and solutions for the private healthcare sector in the UK and the international medical travel sector.

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  • Media – We manage consumer portals for private healthcare in the UK (including Private Healthcare UK, and HarleyStreet.com) and for medical travel (including Treatment Abroad and DoctorInternet). We publish IMTJ – International Medical Travel Journal – a business to business resource for the medical travel sector. And we also run the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards and the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit.
  • Intelligence – We conduct bespoke research, collect and publish market data and provide business consultancy, for the UK private healthcare and international medical travel sectors. We have undertaken a market feasibility study for an international patient hotel in London for a property development company, bespoke research into the European outbound medical tourism market for the Korean Tourism Board, and research into perceptions of Dubai as a health tourism destination for Dubai Health Authority. We also undertake research into into the UK private healthcare market such as the Private Healthcare UK Self-Pay Market Study 2015 and the medical tourism market such as the Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey.
  • Solutions – We provide tailored content and publishing solutions for healthcare clients – online, in print, and face to face. A bespoke solution may embrace editorial content, website development, mobile apps, treatment and destination guides, video and digital content, live events and workshops. We have created the online presence for UK clients such as Royal Free Hospital, London General Practice and UKS Medical. We have delivered an online advertising campaign for the Lisbon Tourism Board, in country medical tourism workshops for hospitals and clinics in Poland, an inbound medical tourism strategy for a group of Greek hospitals and clinics and medical tourism seminars for countries such as Latvia and Cyprus.