Annabelle Neame

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Chief Executive, Lexihealth

Annabelle Neame is the CEO and founding partner of Lexihealth Ltd, the leading, impartial self-pay health concierge service. Twenty years of experience and insight into both NHS and private healthcare in London lead Annabelle to partner with Aaron Simpson, Group CEO and Founder of Quintessentially Group and Romana Kuchai, Consultant ENT surgeon. They set out to bring a new concept to healthcare with a vision to bring together health opportunities, innovations and solutions for patients and professionals alike.

With a team of highly trained patient managers, overseen by a qualified matron, and access to some 250 medical specialists and more than 50 leading medical facilities, and also based at the heart of London’s world-class medical district – 56 New Cavendish Street – Lexihealth provides patients and corporate organisations across the globe with the fastest access to the finest, most appropriate medical services in the UK, and through its unique association with Quintessentially group, offers an exclusive range of lifestyle services to patients and families to help speed and ease their return to health.

Annabelle began her medical career training as a nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital and The Royal Free and then specialised in Vascular Surgery and Microsclerotherapy with world-renowned vascular surgeon Mr John Scurr.

Annabelle demonstrated her business acumen with the launch of Pelegrina, a brand she built into an international concern with a healthy turnover in the first year. However, following five years of growth, Annabelle realised she missed her role within healthcare and returned to the profession.

In April 2014 Annabelle joined HCA at the Lister Hospital in the GP Liaison department, then Consultant Liaison and then as Head of Business Development, which involved leading a team to develop marketing initiatives and core hospital strategy . She was also responsible for the recruitment and retention of 350+ consultants who practice at the Lister Hospital.

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