Donatello Bianco

Donatello Bianco 2017-11-23T12:51:01+00:00

CEO, tuOtempO

Donatello BiancotuOtempO CEO Donatello Bianco is an internationally-renowned specialist in patient relationship digital services.

Donatello founded tuOtempO in 2006 to create a tool for the health sector that would be entirely dedicated to improving the patient experience while at the same time reducing operational costs.

Today tuOtempO Patient CRM is used by more than 15 million patients worldwide and powers the digital services of leading private healthcare groups, insurance providers and public sector health services.

Donatello is a Masters teacher in Customer Relationship Management and a frequent speaker at e-health conferences across Europe.

Prior to founding tuOtempO, he held managerial positions at Cezanne Software, the Formula Group and Arthur Andersen.

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