Gareth Cartman

Gareth Cartman 2017-11-23T12:53:57+00:00

Director of Digital, CLD

Gareth CartmanAs Director of Digital at CLD, Gareth’s background is in publishing, technology and marketing. Today, he is responsible for delivering on CLD’s healthcare digital strategies, helping shape and measure patient-centric experiences online for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Healthxchange and Clinimed.

With healthcare ripe for disruption, Gareth and his team help marketers de-risk brave commercial decisions with an evidence-led approach that puts the patient at the core of the online experience, and positions the brand for growth.

He recently led the content strategy for a global type 1 diabetes educational project, Animas Academy, created in conjunction with a board of 15 diabetes healthcare professionals, while CLD created the brand. His team have also recently delivered a customer-centric UX redesign for one of the UK’s major stoma care providers.

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